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This is a *two parts* ring. The mask is movable.
This is a modified version of the champion ring which 2AS won the "Skull King" competition with. The designer decided to publish this ring because of the overwhelming inquiries of the limited edition champion ring. The skull part is made of sterling silver and is applied with black patina. The brass mask matches with the skull. Five choices of the sticker on the left side of the helmet are available for chose. Please write down your choice while placing the order.

*SIZE of the Helmets Skull ring
Material:925 Silver
Partly applied with black patina

*SIZE of the Mask ring
Partly applied with black patina

There are five different type of stickers which you can choose.
Peace Symbols
Super man
2AS Logo

International Ring Size #13~#22
American Ring Size #7.25~#12.8
England Ring Size #O~#Z1/2
European Ring Size #55.5~#70
Japan Ring Size #15~#29

*Custom made ring size accepted with custom fee applied.

*Use and Maintenance
-Please don't tap and pull your jewelry too hard
-Please don't put your jewelry into chemical washer while they have been applied with black patina.
-Please avoid wearing your jewelry while hot spring , exercise, and bath.
-Clean your jewelry with the clothes we give you with the item.
-Keep the jewelry in a zipped bag to prevent from oxidized.

*All handmade in Taiwan.

*It will take 14~21 business days to finish the item after receiving the order. One year warranty and free maintenance except human factor, however, you have to pay for the shipping.

*No return accepted while all items are handmade.

*Please don't be hesitate to ask any questions.

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