About Us


 2 Abnormal Sides is trying to give every item its own unique characteristic via hands .

" We want to persist to the end from the spirit of skulls, in order to achieve those beyond our imagination." 2AS won the championship of Japanese first "Skull King" competition from this faith, and the hard-core biker style was also established by then.

A-One, who was a graphic designer and also is a funder of 2AS, regained new definition of dream from a short term self-release in New York.

The basic concept of the brand is from "two different sides" of conflict personality deep inside everyone's mind. In every piece of his work, you'll find out binary existences ,such as Eastern and Western culture, Rigid and soft lines, live and death , and inner and outer.
The other symbol "skull," which is also the main character of the brand, unlike our regular thoughts of death, is a dedicate spirit of "insist and never give up." And the Rock 'n Roll music and hard-core biker culture share the same idea.

2AS chooses sterling silver as base because of the special resilience of the material, and use the other materials, such as brass, 18k gold, crystal, leather,etc., to supper the copiousness of its works.

2AS is born to be rebellious.