A-One , the designer of 2 Abnormal sides, used to be a graphic designer. He redefined his life after traveling in New York. Unlike the other jewelry designers with relevant background, he has different perspective of beauty for silver. 

2 Abnormal Sides was built in 2005, and he gained first "Skull King" Championship award in Japan in Summer, 2011.
His creativity is never limited by certain techniques. He sees the contradiction from the deepest mind as a certain kind of beauty. He alway adds more details into every piece of the jewelry for he never satisfies with the molded piece. Hoping that his works will be worn by the people who believe with the same idea is his main motive of creativity.

2005 2 Abnormal Sides established.

2011 July Won the championship of the first "Skull Cup" competition by his creation of 3 parts ring , which made of helmet, mask, and skull. Skull Cup website http://skullcup.jugem.jp/.

2011 September Cooperate with an elegant and retro Lug steel tubing bike brand Sense 30, made exclusive costumed head plate

2011 November Cooperated with mater coffee brand GaBee, Devil Goat series has been made for 7th anniversary.

2012 January on ELLE international Chinese version. Connect 2AS spirit with women's fashion.

2012 February Cooperated with the movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, limited edition of Ghost Rider skull ring has been made.

2012 May Collaborate with world champion of the modification of bikes. On Magazine FREE BIKER(No.19/No.20/No.21)

2012 June on magazine BANG!and HOT BIKE JAPAN

2012 August on magazine ESQUIRE

2012 Cooperate with Gabee again for 8th anniversary

2012 November Cooperate with modified locomotive brand Roland Sands and Rough Craft and biker's exclusive ring has been made

2012 Cooperate with coating brand Airrunner

2013 Work with Gabee for the third time for 9th anniversary

2013 January on magazine CLUB HARLEY JAPAN

2013 May Collaborate with modified locomotive brand Rough Craft for ,which won AMD World Championship Modified Harley-Davidson Class

2014 May been invited to the exhibition in Elite Spectrum Sonyann Store

2014 May participate in International Art Event DESIGNFESTA in Japan

2014 On magazine O’logy No.23 On The Street

2014 October Work with Gabee for the forth time for 10th anniversary

2014 November been invited to magazine FREE BIKER RIDE FREE exhibition

2015 May Participating in International Art Event DESIGNFESTA

2015 October Cooperate with Gabee for 11th anniversary

2015 November in the show of RIDE FREE Magazine

2015 November 24th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW2015 in Japan