Nut Cufflink with skull and bone | Let's Ride Collection


Big Nut Width | 20mm
Depth | 9mm
Bone Width | 23mm
Depth | 6mm
Nut's Neck | 14mm
Material:925 Silver , brass
Partly applied with black patina

*Use and Maintenance
-Please don't tap and pull your jewelry too hard
-Please don't put your jewelry into chemical washer while they have been applied with black patina.
-Please avoid wearing your jewelry while hot spring , exercise, and bath.
-Clean your jewelry with the clothes we give you with the item.
-Keep the jewelry in a zipped bag to prevent from oxidized.

*All handmade in Taiwan.

*It will take 14 business days to finish the item after receiving the order. One year warranty and free maintenance except human factor, however, you have to pay for the shipping.

* No return accepted while all items are handmade.

*Please don't be hesitate to ask any questions.

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